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We will help you organize and structure your business for success.

Got an idea? Want to get it to launch quick? Then Buffalo Mountain Technologies’

 “Business Validation by Crowdsourcing” is for you!

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Business Concept

We will help you refine your business concept and create a basic business plan



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Business Validation by Crowdsourcing

Traditional business incubators do not meet everyone’s needs.  Business Validation by Crowdsourcing (BVC) is a dynamic business validation model to validate a business concept using crowdsourcing.

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Validation by Crowdsourcing

We will introduce you to local talent who will further help provide focus and definition for your business idea.




You're likely here because you have an idea for your product, service, or business idea. You not only want to make sure it hits the mark with your target audience, but you're also likely concerned about the cost and time getting to launch.